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Gani clinic, is known for its world class equipments and highly qualified dental




Medical tourism (also called medical travel health tourism or global healthcare)






Mr.Anwardeen the CHAIRMAN of Gani Dental Groups, Completed his Diploma in Dental Mechanic course at AFMC Pune (M R). He served for 20 years in Defence (Army Dental). During the army service many International Dental company were deputed to India jointly with defence R&D group for which he developed ceramic base during 1978,which spread all over the country. more . . .



Zirconia is the strongest and most translucent structure for crowns or bridges, stronger than steel. Make sure your dentists uses Zirconia for a brighter, whiter, and more natural smile, and dental work that lasts a lifetime! Zirconia is a modern dental ceramic replacement for the metal substructures used under porcelain crowns and bridges. CRYSTAL brand Dental Zirconia is also translucent,


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