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The 5 Series scanner is a non-contact optical 3D scanning device. The system combines proven laser triangulation to five axis of freedom is very versatile and provides accurate measurements on a very large scanning volume (140 mm x 140 mm x 100 mm).

5Series scanner is capable of scanning impressions, using the impression holder accessory.


» Model scanning from single unit to full arch.
» Full arch scanning with palate for partial frameworks
» Multi-die scanning & designing capabilities (16 copings scanned & designed simultaneously in 20 min).
» Scanning occlusion using check-bites or on positive models using our patented "axis-finder" technique
» Impression scanning up to full arch
» Replication of wax-ups
» Scanning implants for custom abutments

The iSeries scanner is based on dual-camera laser triangulation.
The first camera, having a wider inclination to the laser,
measures the global clinical case and the shallow region of the impression.
The second camera with a smaller inclination measures the deepest and narrowest part of the impression.
The cameras work in concert with each other while the 5-axis platen holding the impression rotates, twists,
and turns to allow scanning access to all facets of the impression.

This saves laboratories time and money, not to mention it eliminates the many inherent errors built into the
traditional restorative production process, and gives them accurate data by which to continue doing their work

System Contains:

5-Axis 3-D Scanner
Calibration Tool Kit
Model Holder
Multi-die Plate Holder
Impression Holder
Axis Finder Holder & a Kernel Server Application
Crown & Bridge Module
Implant Module & Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing Module.
Separate Computer Included

Impression Holder

Accessory holding device that enables the direct scanning of silicon-like impressions.
Will also serve the whole wax frameworks for digitization purposes.
Will allow the labs to scan impressions directly producing plaster models.

Axis Finder Holder

Accessory holding device that enables the 3D scanning on positive plaster model of the preparation and the opposite model using vertex-like articulators. Dedicated software will enable the display of the complete virtual clinical use.

Multi-Die Plate

Accessory holding device that enables the simultaneous scanning of 16 single dies in one scan session.



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